Welcome to the next generation of healthy eating! Hungry Squirrel is proud to offer a full line of sauces and dressings featuring Keto-friendly, low calorie, gluten free, and no sugar added options.

Enjoy our delicious selection of premium Keto-friendly products that are made from all-natural, healthy ingredients.

Hungry Squirrel: Deliciousness at its best!

Keto-Friendly • Paleo • Low Sugar • Low Calorie

Our Goal: To satisfy hearty appetites while tackling dietary needs. We believe balancing tasty and healthy should be easy- because we love to eat!

Enjoy the meals you love without sacrificing taste!

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Hungry Squirrel Keto Sauces

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“Love this sauce… A new staple for my kitchen.”

Amy Wing

“Very good just as advertised. Outstanding”

Gregory Cross

“I’m thankful to have this Hungry Squirrel Ketchup as a healthy alternative. It beats all the other low sugar ketchups!”


“Sweet and Spicy sauce is my fav! Need to get more ASAP!”